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Located near Athens, TN, in McMinn County - USA

 For over 30 years, we have specialized and succeeded in producing proven Connemara ponies and Connemara crosses with excellent dispositions, athleticism, versatility and soundness, for years of enjoyment in pleasure, show and sport.

Our purebreds are true to type, maintaining the qualities of which native
Connemara Ponies are so adored.
Our Connemara crosses are honest equine citizens that carry their riders safely and successfully in whatever disciplines they choose.
est. 1988
Our stallions and mares historically produce gentle, sensible and willing equine partners who have excelled in dressage, eventing & driving. Due to their trainability and kindness, they often double as the family favorite pleasure-packer or quality breeding pony.

Whether on mountain trails or marathon, in the hunt field or show ring, our Connemaras really can do it all!
Foothills Foggy Morning

2017 Herd: 9 Connemaras + 1 Miniature

At FFC (Athens)
Strawberry Shortcake (17 y/o miniature mare)
Corner Oak Celtic Star (13 y/o Connemara mare)
Seaborne's Maritime (9 y/o Conn-TB mare)
Tully Roo (5 y/o [hb] Connemara mare)
Tullymor's Macaroni Pony (4 y/o Connemara gelding)

At FFW (Blount Co)
Foothills River Queen (24 y/o Connemara mare) in foal
Tullymor's Blush (10 y/o Connemara mare) in foal

Out on lease
Balmullo's Beacon (25 y/o Connemara gelding)
Foothills Hopefilly (18 y/o Connemara mare)
All Cats Are Grey (12 y/o Connemara mare)

For Sale or Lease

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(2016 photos) below L Foothills Juniper ; below R Foothills Field Marshall

Tullymor's Blush, 2016 ACPS Region 4 Grand Champion Purebred Connemara Pony, Inspected PREMIUM Broodmare (2016)

About Connemara Ponies (general information)

Our Connemaras Do It All!

They are versatile, athletic and willing partners!

CoStar - above and below:

above: Charlie, Vanessa and Bri driving Foothills River Queen and Foothills Hopefilly (at the River Plains Driving Derby 2015)


Foothills Hopefilly above at the River Plains Driving Derby 2015 and below with Diane C and granddaughter

Schoolmaster, Balmullo's Beacon, teaching Breezy the way to event with fun, safety and success (River Glen Fall HT 2014)

above (L-R): Balmullo's Beacon, Tullymor's Blush and Tullymor's Tigger

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