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Current Foothills Farms & Piedmont Connemaras Herd:
(listed below by location & age in 2014)

At FFC in McMinn County (Athens area)

Annie (26 yr old TB mare [boarder]), Foothills River Queen (21 y/o Connemara mare),
Foothills Hopefilly (15 y/o Connemara mare) , Strawberry Shortcake (14 y/o miniature mare),
Corner Oak Celtic Star (10 y/o Connemara mare), Foothills Caroline (7 y/o Connemara mare), Tully Rainbow (yearling Connemara filly), Tully Wind (weanling [hb] Connemara filly)

Foothills Farms & Piedmont Connemaras

Email address:
or call 423-744-9071

 Located in McMinn County, Tennessee - USA
(near Athens)

We produce Connemara ponies and Connemara crosses with Athleticism, Versatility and Soundness, for use in Pleasure, Show and Sport. They are Gentle, Sensible and Willing equine partners that have excelled in Dressage, Eventing, Driving as well as the favorite family pleasure-packer. Whether on mountain trails, in the hunt field or in the show ring, Connemaras really can do it all!

est. 1988

above: Foothills Caroline

On R&R at FFW in Blount Co: (Friendsville area)

Fiddler's Gremlin MacDaire (27 y/o Connemara gelding), Balmullo's Beacon (22 y/o Connemara gelding), Tullymor's Blush (7 y/o Connemara mare), Tullymor's Tigger (3 y/o gelding)
Tully Roo (2 y/o [hb] Connemara filly)

On lease:

In training at Runaway Farm: Tullymor's Shady Lady (7 y/o Connemara mare) at Runaway Farm


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below: Foothills Field Marshall Connemara Stallion
(*Gun Smoke x Foothills MayBee by Balmullo's Beacon)

About Connemara Ponies (general information)

Our Connemaras Do It All!
The same all-around talented pony is shown in each photos below: Foothills Hopefilly, and above right:-)

below: Foothills MayBee and Elaine (2013)

below: Foothills Juniper and Haley (2012)