Black Dog's Fiona

ACPS Registered Halfbred Connemara, born 2004
(*Gun Smoke x Pesticide - TB)

Bred by Beth Davidson (FL); owned by Carol Green (TX) 

2009 Gold Medallion in Eventing
2006 Bronze Medallion In-Hand

above: Black Dog's Fiona (2012)

*Gun Smoke X Sleighton


Won her Novice division of 21 entries! (Texas - November 2010)
Showjumping round at Texas Rose:

First cross country schooling of the season today. Fiona was great! She schooled the whole novice course and a few training level jumps (like the one in the pic below). 7/09

Vanessa, Here are some updated photos of Fiona. (by *Gun Smoke).
I am very happy with my Gunsmoke grandkids by
WH Top Gun. I have a 1/2 bred and a purebred, both fillies, both very nice! Hope all is well. Beth D. (June 09)

Becky, my trainer, thinks the last couple of pics from cross country are hilarious!  She said the look on my face is that of a kid in a candy store with the huge beaming smile!  I just couldn't help it!  It looks like Fiona (Black Dog's Fiona by*Gun Smoke) is having a good time, too! (3/09)

Beth Davidson -Black Dog Farm

You can view the album at the following address:


Fiona's eventing pics: Becky, my trainer, thinks the last couple of pics from cross country are hilarious!  She said the look on my face is that of a kid in a candy store with the huge beaming smile!  I just couldn't help it!  It looks like Fiona is having a good time, too!
You can view the album at the following address: Carol Green (2008)

  2007 Rosehill's CT: 1st place Green Division A; 2nd place Division B   2007 Green as Grass CT: 1st place


Fiona had another wonderful outing yesterday at Rose Hill’s combined test!  I can’t tell you how many people stopped us to ask about her.  Many wanting to know her breeding and others to just say how cute she is! 

We’ve been making huge strides at home in her flat work, and although we weren’t able to totally reproduce it in the show ring, the judge still liked her a lot (“lovely horse” and “capable pair” were two of the judge’s comments).  Fiona was one of only 4 horses to score in the 30’s for the day (there were over 40 horses showing).  We entered both Green as Grass divisions.  We won Division A (out of 8 riders) and placed second in Division B (out of 9 riders).  I was so proud of her!   

Next Saturday we will be going out with the Hickory Creek Hunt for this season’s opening hunt.  We did a day of roading with the hounds earlier in the season and it went very well.  I’m looking forward to the pageantry of opening hunt (braiding required, stock tie, a priest for the “blessing of the hounds”, etc.).  I’ll let you know how it goes!Take care everyone, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! (2007) Carol and Fiona

Fiona and I have done two other combined tests since the one below, placing first and fifth.  We have one more this weekend and I’ll be sure to send you an update afterwards. She is such a doll, progressing daily and just loving her job.  It’s wonderful to have her right here in my backyard where I get to see her every day.  I’m still sometimes in awe of how lucky I am to have her and am so looking forward to our eventing future together. Take care!  Carol (07 Nov)

We won our Green As Grass division today.  Even though it was GAG, it was a respectable field of 8 riders with each horse/rider combination consisting of either an experienced rider with a green horse, or a “been there/done that” horse with a green rider.  We scored a 30.5 on our dressage test, receiving seven 8s (including 8s on both gaits and impulsion)!  Then she put in the nicest stadium round with a lovely pace and not even the slightest look at any of the flowers or other jump décor.  (07 Aug)

I took Katie to her first dressage show today and we showed Intro Test A & B. I am so excited...she did awsome. I was just hoping to get through each test looking like we know what we are doing. Well, we did a little better than that. She scored 65% on her first test and 69.5% on her second test and we ended getting 1st place on both our test. She was so well behaved and calm...I couldn't more proud of her. I will send pix when I get them from my friend at the show. Catherine 07-Feb

Katie has been doing VERY well. I just LOVE her and she is a love bug and would crawl into my pocket if she could. We have been working with my trainer on lungeing, long lining and free lungeing and Katie is doing very well. I am hoping to be able to get on her in September/October maybe. I can't wait. She is continuing to do well with everything that you had taught her...taking the bridle, being saddled, standing tied, etc. I have even hung on the stirrups and leaned over her back and she just stands there or looks back at me like what are you doing mom? I have bathed her, clipped her, cross tied her, trailered her, taken her to a couple of shows to hang out and she continues to take everything in stride.

6/3/06 Kate ( Black Dog's Smokin' Kate ) was 1st of 4 in dressage in hand with a score of 75.5%.
As of 6/8/06, Kate is currently 4th in Zone 4, Hunter Breeding 2 year olds.
Really lovely filly !