PF Dunford O'Reilly

15.1 Connemara cross (3/4 bred), dun gelding, foaled 3/8/00

Bred by Beury & Andy Stout (WV); owned by Mary Jo Prudhomme

above left (2015)

owned by Mary Jo & Cassie Bullock of Pinyon Flats, CA

By Foothills Waterford (Concord River Roaringwater Bay X Blue Hills Erin)
Out of Piedmont Penelope (Balmullo's Beacon X TB mare)


Hello Vanessa, it's been a long time since I've given you an update on Mr Reilly (PF Dunford O'Reilly) !... he went to college with Cassie!.. and has been on their Hunter/Jumper team for two years now!!... here's the website.. with his pic on there.. : )

the team loves him!.. Cassie is on the team but hasn't been showing however Reilly has!!.. very fun.. Cassie is still in the Pony Club also.. and is going for her C3 rating this summer with Reilly. Just last weekend Cassie took him out for the Event Derby at Galway Downs (or Southern California Equestrian Center as it is now called) and she and Reilly placed 2nd in the dressage and 2nd in the jumping (show jumping combined with cross country) doing 2'6". They had a blast.

We love Reilly, he is the best horse ever. Mary Jo (April 2011)


Foothills Waterford X Piedmont Penelope


Another great show (1/06)

Just thought I'd share about another show Reilly and Cassie were at today at Galway Downs.
Jan 15, 2006. Reilly was in the green hunters and amature jumpers, jumping 2'6" in both divisions - receiving a
1st, 2nd and 5th place.. an awesome day for sure!! Reilly is coming along so nicely. Hugs, Mary Jo, Cassie and Reilly


Reserve Champions at Willowbrook Riding Club (11/05)


Hi Vanessa, I just sent this to Beury.. I thought you'd like to get this update also about Reilly (PF Dunford O'Reilly)!! He's doing great! We just love him!
Cassie and Reilly did really well at the show this weekend at Willowbrook getting.
Reserve Champions.. I'm very proud of both of them! ... they were in the low hunter division - child/adult, jumping 2'3-2'6"



Fun times!! I hope all's well there! God bless you! Mary Jo Bullock (CA)






Pony Club Debut (6/05)

Here are some pics of Cassie and Reilly at his first, Pony Club show..this is a 1 day CT (combined training) event.. which
is dressage and cross-country.. (minus the show jumping) very fun! I'm very proud of both of them : )

Off to a great start in their show careers together (1/05)

Hello Vanessa, I thought you'd like to see some pics of Cassie and Reilly (PF Dunford O'Reilly) in their first "official" show... they did the crossrails.. and won 1st place in all 5 classes they were signed up for... very exciting!!! Thus making them Champions in their class!!!!
Reilly is great.. he's not even 5 years old yet.. and is acting like a pro... what a great temperment on him... he seems to enjoy this.. : )

I hear you have Penny now... his mom!! so glad...will you breed her to Gunsmoke now?... keep me posted...
we love Penny!! very much and hope to meet her some day! Take care, Mary Jo

Update on Reilly (10/04)
Hi Beury and Vanessa....I thought you'd both want to see an update of Reilly.. this past Saturday he participated in his first "mock" show... with Cassie. he's jumping cross rails.. we are very excited!! The trainer is very impressed with him and says he has a natural jumping ability.. : ) we all knew that.. tee hee... Cassie is almost 14 years old.. and Reilly will be 5 years old already come this March..! can you believe it! Then when he's 5 we can bring him to the Pony Club... we also hope to make next years Region Show out here.. and show off : ) Mary Jo & Cassie... Reilly & Liam

Reilly has been a great little guy for us. He is sweet as can be and we are more than happy with him. He is definitely part of the family and we look forward to the 30 years we will have with him. (Mary Jo, Aug. 01)

 Congratulations to Mary Jo & Cassie Bullock of Pinyon Flats, CA, on their purchase of O'Reilly!