Tuckaseegee's Dundee
(TFC2788 XXXV)
14.3h dun Connemara gelding, foaled 3/98


By Foothills Waterman (Concord River Roaringwater Bay X Misty Meadow Miss Bonnie)
Out of Kid Sister, M1636 XXXVI (Balmullo's Same as Gold X O'Flynns Lady)

Bred by Tracy Wilcox; owned by Kathy Nebel, Charlotte, NC

2011 Gold Medallion in Dressage

2009 Silver Medallion in Dressage

2009 USDF Training Level Vintage Cup



Below is posted with permission from the American Connemara - 2012 Awards Issue:

I recently took Dundee to his first recognized show this season. He got a 63% on his first test (first level) from a very tough judge...it was a class with 10 rides, including several nice warmbloods. ..The first place rider scored 65%, so we were only 2 points out from the winner. My plan is more first level this season and then his first outing at 2nd level in November. Fingers crossed. I'm determined to get my bronze on this pony!!!! Kathy May-11

Congratulations to Dana Norquist of Germantown, MD and Foothills Waterman (Concord River Roaringwater Bay x Misty Meadows Miss Bonnie ). Dana says, “We really had a great year! Our year-end tally included: Fifth, USEA Master Amateur Rider; fourth, Novice Rider USEA Area II; Reserve Champion MCTA Novice Horse of the Year; and MCTA Champion Novice Senior Rider of the Year . I couldn't be happier with my Connemara partner. We are getting ready for this year.”

Hi Vanessa, I've actually had such fun at the two USDF shows I attended that I am going to the USDF in Aiken in lieu of the Connemara show in Thompson. I had been planning to send you a message about that. I hate to miss the pony show, but want to take the opportunity to go to one more USDF show while I can. Since Aiken is the weekend prior to Thompson, I know I won't be up for travel two weekends in a row. My goal at our first USDF show was 60% at Training 4. We earned a 60.8 and a 60.4. Last weekend in Tryon I set our goal at 62%. We earned a 62.000 at Training 4, but even better, a 60.8 at First 2. Then on Sunday we bombed out with a 51%. Dundee is not normally stalled and by Sunday he is just "over" it all. But the fact that he loads in the trailer, stays in the ring with me on him and listens to me is a huge behavior improvement. The natural horsemanship is working wonders!

Here's a link to photos from our Latta show: http://www.wncphoto.com/026.latta0409/
Put your cursor over the photo when you open it up and the "proof" label will disappear.

I hate I won't see you at Thompson, but you'll be proud to know that your grandbaby has qualified for his ACPS bronze medal. If things keep going our way this year (knock wood) he'll have qualified for silver by year's end, if not sooner. Kathy (April 09)

Dressage talent carries through in the NextGen (6/07)   I took Dundee to his second show with good results. 

He took a first place in a large class, beating the "big boys." 

Here's a link to some photos.  http://www.photobiz.com/portfolio/layouts/1/gallery.cfm?PageNum_Recordset1=1&eventID=63619&galleryID=92210
It was the Lighten Up Dressage Show in Charlotte, NC. 
Scored 60% for first place in Training 1 and 59.642% for third place in Training 2. 

2006 photos


Foothills Waterman X Kid Sister

X photo unavailable

Dundee is doing great. He was broke to saddle last summer, but still immature for training. This year he is getting to work. I train with a very good dressage instructor who takes time putting on the basics. I probably won't take him into the ring until next year. I'm having great fun with him. He's a little "hotter" than I'd thought a Connemara would be, but that will make for a great show horse. He's very sweet and incredibly handsome. -- (7/02)

Dundee is quite lovely. My dressage trainer fell in love with him at our
first lesson -- (10/01)

Dundee is GORGEOUS! He's starting to broaden; he is a lovely color; has a beautiful head and face. I adore him. I'm going to spend a couple weeks getting use to him under saddle and then begin lessons with my dressage trainer. I plan to show him in USDF events. (I've already registered him for breed points!) I'll keep you posted on our progress. Kathy (7/01)