Beacon's Cherubin Cathleen M1893 XXXVIII

Bay mare, born 5/19/98
Cathleen has been Inspected and Approved by the American Connemara Pony Society.
Bred by Jane Williams (NC); owned by Carla Jimmerson (GA)


Kim and Cathleen (Oct 2016)

Cathleen's produce:

Valley Creek's Carlin LeBeau by Heaven's Ridge Patrick LeBeau



Balmullo's Beacon X Big Bear's Pegeen


below: Carla Jimmerson on Beacon's Cherubin Cathleen at the Jimmy Wofford Clinic in Pine Top, GA (Jun 09)

ACPS Region 4 Connemara Celebration and Open Show,7/10 - 7/11/04, Cleveland, TN
1st place Junior Walk-Trot Ponies (ridden by Grace Jimmerson)
2nd place Junior Walk-Trot Open (ridden by Grace Jimmerson)
5th place Intro Test 1 (52.5%) (ridden by Grace Jimmerson)

ACPS Region 4 Connemara Celebration and Open Show,7/10 - 7/11/04, Cleveland, TN
5th place Purebred Mares, 4 and up (shown by Carla Jimmerson)
1st place Connemara Over Fences (2') (ridden by Carla Jimmerson)
3rd place Tadpole CT (39.52) (ridden by Carla Jimmerson)
Connemara Combined Training Champion (ridden by Carla Jimmerson)

I took Cathleen to her first cross country course last week and again this week to get her out with a friend of mine... We have been going to this place that has a course which I have never done but Cathleen just loved it! She must take after her dad because she just soared over those big jumps and was so strong and fast. I think she would be awesome at that... I want to do some cross training with her because she will also do well in dressage... I had a blast yesterday flying over those jump and galloping through the fields. (Carla: 3/04)

2003 1st place Purebred Mare, ACPS Region 4 Show
Cathleen was ridden by 7 year old Grace Jimmerson in Intro Test A. What a cute and well matched pair!

I just love Cathleen and she is getting so beautiful! She is really striking looking and everyone loves her at the barn I board at. I could sell her all day long if I wanted too but she is way too nice to do that. She gets ridden my daughter and another little girl who is a really nice little rider. She took her to a schooling show and won the intro level class and got a third also in the Wraps and Chaps show with high 60's. I was so proud of how well she did. (Carla: 5/03)

2002 Green Pony Champion, ACPS Region 4 Show (ridden by Carla Jimmerson)
1st place Open Green Horse/Pony Walk/Trot
1st place Open Green Horse/Pony Walk/Trot/Canter
1st place Connemara Performance Green Walk/Trot/Canter

I sold my mare and bought Cathleen in the same day. Cathleen is wonderful and I am thrilled to have her and feel she is the "one". I didn't buy her to breed but I think she is nice enough I could one day if I wanted too. We have had way too much rain for my riding style so I have not been able to ride her much but I just love her. She is exactly what I wanted in looks and ability. My girls have already had a lesson on her by their trainer. The trainer really likes her as well. I plan on riding her myself and getting her ready
to be my girls show pony...I will of course enjoy taking her out on the trail just for fun. (Carla: 11/02)


Owner notes:

I lunged Cathleen for the second time yesterday; she was of course a perfect angel. I look forward to starting her and hope she will not get much bigger (I want a pony this time). Her temperment is impeccable! 10/00

Here are pictures of Beacon's Cathleen...She is a really cute filly - very flashy. She has a wonderful temperament. She is correct - moves well - and of course is a 'Bubba Baby' - major plus!