Balmullo's Cassiopia

M1861 XXXVIII, dun mare, born 6/1/98
Perm. Pony Card at 14.1 7/8 hands

(Balmullo's Beacon x Blue Hills Morning Star) Cassi is full sister to Foothills Juniper

Cassi's sire and dam were both inspected and approved by the ACPS in October 1995.

Bred by Donna Duckworth;
owned and shown by Janet Hibel (FL)

2010 AWARD OF EXCELLENCE in Dressage
2009Silver Medallion in Dressage
Gold Medallion in Hunters

Cassie (Balmullo's Cassiopia) successfully competed in the United States Regional Dressage Finals in Training 4 last weekend in Atlanta. Our finals score was 64% which put us 12th in 28 competitors. She acted like a champ, focused and calm as always! Trip up to Atlanta had 3 blown tires in my trainer's rig!!

The concurrent Atlantic Fall Dressage was running at the same time and she
won her Training 4 with a 66%, Fifth in another Training 4 with 65% and Third with 63% in First Level One. Clipped up she is truly a "horse of a different color" dappled grey here, dun there. She qualified in all three Training classes for next year's Regional's but only one score can count per show so well have to do one more Training 4 to head to Ocala next year, and we will work this year to qualify in First Level. She has the capability, but this old hunter rider has a struggle keeping her consistently through.... Thanks for all you have done to bring this lovely Connemara to this point. She is truly the best partner anyone could hope for! Janet Oct-10

Cassie and I competed in the Wellington Dressage Opener/CDI this weekend. We got low 60's in Training 3 and First One on Friday but today got 68.8 % in Training 4 for our first qualifying score for this year. Judge was Lilo Fiore and her comments were "'Very obedient, precise geometry. Connection it's highlight also nicely shown bending."
She was a joy to ride today and I'm so proud to have her.



Balmullo's Beacon X Blue Hills Morning Star

Little Cassie won both her classes at Twin Rivers Dressage yesterday with a 68% and 67.7% in Training 3 and 4. Got a "9" again and a bunch of 8's. I'm so lucky to have her! 09-Nov

Palm Beach Gardens, FL: Janet Hibel has written to say that Balmullo’s Cassiopeia (Balmullo’s Beacon X Blue Hill’s Morning Star) qualified for the USDF Region 3 Championships at the Wellington Classic Fall Challenge Dressage with a 64% in Training Level Test 4. She also got marks of 65% and 62% in Training Level Test 3 and her second-day Training Level Test 4 respectively. They also were part of the winning team for the Team Championship. Janet says,”Got lots of training ahead to compete in the Regionals!!”ACPS Weekly Pony News 9/27/09

Palm Beach Gardens, FL: Janet Hibel reports that Balmullo's Cassiopeia (Balmullo’s Beacon X Blue Hill’s Morning Star [by Blue Hill’s Boy]) went to her first USDF rated show this weekend in Tampa, Florida. Janet says, “Her scores were 66% in Training Level Test 3 for first place, and 69.6% in Training Level Test 4 for a second place, with her first Qualifying Score for the USDF Regional Championships. I received my first "9" in a rated show!” Janet says she just needs one more qualifying score to make it to Regionals. She noted some of the comments from the judges such as "lovely horse" and "this horse is worth millions." Janet added that conditions for the show were rain, thunder and lightning but “Cassie” kept her cool. (8/09)

Lovely 11 year old pony mare Balumullo's Cassiopia has been purchased by Dr. Janet Hibel of Palm Beach Gardens Florida and is currently in training in Dressage with Stephanie Fish of Palm City, Florida. She was owned by a little girl doing the pony hunters at a quarter horse barn in Palm City. Everyone at my barn loves her, she is so beautiful and has a wonderful temperament. I will be hopefully showing her myself this fall at Wellington in dressage. I'll get a picture to you when I can. Janet Hibel (June 09)



1998 Registered Connemara Pony. Mare with Permanent Pony card at 14’1 7/8”. Proven show pony with a Region 4 Performance Championship with the Connemara Pony Society. Eligible for large green pony. “Cassie” has numerous championships in the local show circuits. She has been shown in everything from short stirrup to children’s horse/pony at 2’6”. Cassie excels over fences and is very competitive in every thing we have asked her to do. She has even shown English pleasure and equitation, as well as trail classes (in english attire).

Cassie has auto lead changes. She stands quietly for clipping, braiding and farrior. By the way, she is barefoot (no shoes). Loads, trailers and ties easily. Cassie is very obedient and quiet. We cannot say enough good things about her. You couldn’t ask for a sweeter, quieter pony.

2005 Palm Beach County Horseman's Short Stirrups Year-End High-Point Champion.
form and quiet athleticism come naturally, causing her to shine in the show ring. While her natural form and style make her a winner at horse shows, her true value comes from her sweet, gentle demeanor both on the ground and under saddle. Cassie is extremely versatile and aware of her rider's capabilities, she can go from teaching lessons with the most basic beginners to performing a perfect hunter course of 3' fences--just point and shoot! This is a safe pony a young rider could grow up with and learn from.

Loving and kind, Cassie absorbs attention like a sponge, giving nuzzles and sweet breaths in return. Not at all mare-ish; Very patient and quiet on the ground; clips, crossties, trailers. Young and old; everyone who meets her falls in love!

 ACPS Region IV Connemara Performance Champion - Balmullo's Cassiopia, owned by Michelle Damon, ridden by Marissa Damone (FL); Marissa earned ribbons in Hunter Ponies US, Hunter Ponies OF 2', Connemaras US, Connemaras OF 2', Open Hunters OF 2', Connemaras OF 2'3" and they were 3rd in the Pony Jumper Stakes!

 Balmullo's Cassiopia is currently ranked 2nd on the Hunter in Short Stirrups on the Palm Beach County Horseman's Association circuit in Wellington, Florida. Both Cassie and Marissa showed wonderfully this past weekend. Cassie may just "jump" to the number one spot after this weekend's total points. Marissa is holding on strong to her number 1 spot in Equitation. (6/05)

 Marissa Damone won all of her Short Stirrups Equitation Classes plus a Medal Class for a total of 4 Blue Ribbons this weekend (4/23-24/05) in Wellington, Florida at the Palm Beach Horseman's Association which is endorsed by the USEF. She was Grand Champion. The day before in the Hunter Short Stirrups. Marissa and Cassie took Reserve Champion.


Cassie's new girl (4/05)
Jan Westmark sold her Connemara mare, Balmullo's Cassiopia (Balmullo's Beacon x Blue Hills Morning Star), to Michelle Damone. Right now Marissa and Cassie (pictured below) are on a "Preshort Stirrup" circuit and are doing quite well. In January, they were Grand Champion and in February, Reserve Champion in the same circuit. I am looking forward to meeting them at the Region 4 Connemara show this July!

My daughter and I are in the transition of acquiring Balmullo Cassiopia. She has been with us since the 1st week of January and she will officially be ours the 1st week of March. Our trainer Jan Westmark parted with "Cassie" and she has been a blessing to us. My daughter Marissa is one of Jan's students. She and Cassie have been competing for awhile. Right now Marissa and Cassie are on a "Preshort Stirrup" circuit and I are doing quite well. In January, they were Grand Champion and in February, Reserve Champion in the same circuit. They are competing for year end points. My name is Michelle Damone and my daughter is Marissa Damone. We West Palm Beach, FL. (05 Feb)

I am sending you a photo of Cassie (Balmullo's Cassiopia) at the show last weekend in the costume class dressed as a clown. How appropriate for her! She won of course, and the judge didn't even know that she really is a clown! Hope all is well, Jan (10/02)
I was at the barn the other day when my friend Debbie was riding Cassie, but by the time I thought about my camera Debbie had untacked Cassie, so she jumped back on her bareback and trotted around once and I took this photo. I will try to get some better ones. Cassie is doing wonderful. Debbie is training her for me, I am just riding her around for fun. Debbie has a lot of dressage training and she is amazed at how Cassie learns. I watched her doing leg yields with her today, and Cassie just does them without a problem. Still just walking and trotting her, but have added trail rides and she loves them. She has the longest walk, it's amazing. Debbie wants to take her to a dressage show in the Spring. I will go along as the groom for now! Hope all is well with all the ponies, and that you both have a wonderful Christmas. Jan Westmark (12/00)
 Piedmont Indian (L) and Cassie (R) July 2000  Cassie is doing really wonderfully under saddle. We are still just walking and turning and stopping, but plan to trot next week. Today we were riding in the field and I had forgotten to close the gate and all of a sudden Indy and another horse came galloping out into the field we were in, and ran right up to us! Cassie just stood there and didn't even budge. I was very proud of her. Then she went on with her walk while Indy walked right behind her all the way around the field. She is getting big also, what size do you think she will end up, I know she has some full siblings so maybe that could give me an idea. Indy is doing great. His owner Katie is riding him and also a girl from the farm next door who rides dressage is coming over and riding him several times a week and she is just blown away by his trot and movements. He looks amazing when she rides him, she is hoping to take him to some dressage shows. This is the same girl who is helping me with Cassie, and prior to this she didn't even know what a Connemara was. Now she wants one! Another convert. (J. W. 10/00)

  "When I heard about Cassie I knew I would buy her even before I saw her. She was a yearling, a bit scrawny and had lots of quirks, but she has grown into a pony that will give me years and years of enjoyment..." Jan also went on to buy Cassie's half sister Balmullo's Winsome Sky, a purebred four year old dark bay pony. In the above photo (top of page) of Abby jumping Cassie Jan said, "It takes my breath away because Cassie jumps just like Shillelagh did. After she is done jumping she stands in the middle of the ring and closes her eyes and goes to sleep. That's a Connemara for you, and she is only four years old!!!"

Congratulations to Jan Westmark, Davie, FL on her purchase of Balmullo's Cassiopia!