Foaled 5/21/07

*Gun Smoke x MacKee's Star

Bred by Shelly Feldner;
owned by Anna Stein (WA)

Anna Stein rode Zaboomafoo (by *Gun Smoke) to a 2nd place finish in his first Advanced level horse trials at Twin Rivers Ranch! (Sept 2019)

Rebecca Farms 2019

Anna Stein rode Zaboomafoo (by *Gun Smoke) to a 2nd place finish in his first Advanced level horse trials at Twin Rivers Ranch! (Sept 2019)

2018 USEA High Point by Level
Intermediate Halfbred Champion: ZABOOMAFOO (*Gun Smoke x TB mare) o/r: Anna Stein

Anna Stein and Zamoomafoo (by *Gun Smoke) at Rebecca Farms 2019

American Connemara March/April 2019 Awards Issue Edition II, Vol. 10 No. 2

2017 USEA Halfbred Intermediate, 1st place

Boomer has gone advanced in combined training and is still booking it XCo!

2016 ACPS Halfbred Connemara of the Year

Congratulations to 2016 Halfbred Connemara of the Year Zaboomafoo aka Smoke and Mirrors (Gunsmoke X TB), Owned by Anna Stein.

The Halfbred Connemara of the Year award recognizes a Purebred or Halfbred Connemara that has done something special to attract attention to the breed, either competitively or non competitively, in the past year.

Printed in "American Connemara" March/April 2016 Edition II, Vol. 7 No.2:

I am over the moon with Boomer in our first CCI** at Rebecca Farms. Never in a million years did I expect we would be able to accomplish this together. Dressage left room for much improvement-Boomer got a bit cocky at times, we had some great moments, and we received two errors for one early and late movement, but the good parts get better every time. I was nervous to run such a long, difficult course after not running xc on him since Galway. My worries went away the second we left the box. Boomer was so in tune, every fence a good one. I wanted to just get around and be safe, and took my time. I was elated to find out we came in clean with just 1.2 time penalties. He jogged up perfectly Sunday morning in jogs and show jumped so well in the ring. We had a rail at #3 getting there just a little flat, and I rode backwards just enough to get weak into the triple, for two more rails, but he was so rideable, felt amazing, and jumped so well everywhere else. I am beyond blessed to have a horse like him. We also received the Guiness award for being the highest places Young Rider. Boomer and I have had some ups and downs this year but this weekend made it all worth pushing through. So thankful 160725 (Anna Stein)


2015 USEA Intermediate Level Halfbred Eventing Connemara of the Year CHAMPION - see American Connemara article p. 33 March/April 2016

2015 Halfbred Connemara of the Year @ Intermediate; Reserve @ Preliminary



*Gun Smoke (below) X MacKee's Star (TB)

(January 2016)

Ann Stein and Boomer at Intermediate (2015):

Ann Stein and Boomer at Prelim (June 2015)

Boomer and Anna Stein doing cross-country at Intermediate (May 2015)

January 2015: Anna Stein on Zaboomafoo

Congratulations to Anna Stein on her double-clear run on Zaboomafoo at her first 1-star, CCI*

041XC Anna Stein on Zaboomafoo CCI 1* Cross Country The Event at Rebecca Farm July 2014:



Despite bing soaking wet and freezing cold, Jumpernite was a success! Boomer jumped super well in the 3'6'' Young horse Jumpers Jumping clean into the jump off ...had lots of fun :) Anna Stein (11/17/12)

Awesome weekend at Caber! Boomer didnt really want to work in the dressage ring, but the good moments were good and the not so good moments are an easy fix (as simple as keeping a 5 year olds brain inside his head :) . X country was great and Boomer jumped like a million bucks today to end in 7th out of 22. (Anna S 8/27/12) This was a Training Championship division.

Hi Vanessa! It is so cool to hear from you! A few months before I bought Boomer, I had just sold two project ponies, and after 5 ponies, decided for a project horse. A week after buying Boomer as a 3 year old, I decided he was more than a project, he was mine [:)] He will be 5 now in May, and turned out to be the most amazing horse! I do natural horsemanship with all of mine and compete in 3 day eventing. Boomer is a big puppy dog and wants to be the center of attention at all times. He never gets tired of learning. I will be taking him out at training level (3'3) starting at the first event in June, though he has been jumping 3'9 from a walk on the line and 3'6 with me on him. I have been told that he IS my "ticket". I hope to take him to Rolex in the future. His talent is not imagination, it is reality. I love connemaras, and love looking at pictures of his dad. My other little bay mare with the white face is connamara, welsh, paint, and I love the breed. I am so excited to be connected with you now! (March 2012)