Foals by the Connemara stallion,
a.k.a "Bruiser"

Below is a partial list of Bruiser's offspring:

2018 filly, Balmullo’s Winter Wind (Foothills Field Marshall x Tullymor's Gracie Grey) black, going grey " I would like to thank Dr Tom Newton and all his crew at Little Hawk Farm for safely delivering another super foal by Foothills Field Marshall. This one is Balmullo’s Winter Wind aka Winnie. We think she is the cutest one yet!!" Donna Duckworth - owner/breeder

2017 colt, Foothills Brouhaha (Foothills Field Marshall x Tullymor's Blush) - Bred and owned by Vanessa Morgan

Bro was born 6/16/17 and surprised us all with his unexpected color. He was born black (that wasn't such a surprise; he is a masking black0, but the real surprise is that he will be grey! Apparently Blush, a Premium, Cremello mare, apparently carries the grey gene! He is adorable and perfect:-) We are extremely pleased!


2017 colt, Windy Hollow Elija (Foothills Field Marshall x Windy Hollow Modern Millie) - Bred and owned by Amy Plavin


Welcome Windy Hollow Elijah-born this am to his surrogate dam in Ocala. Purebred colt by Foothills Field Marshall, out of Amy Plavin's lovely dressage pony, Windy Hollow Modern Millie.


2016 colt, Glendale's Jack of Hearts (Foothills Field Marshall x Glendale's Brooks and Dun) - Bred and owned by Deb Norman (VA)


2015 filly, Rosewood's Little Gem (Foothills Field Marshall x Hillside Emily) - Bred and owned by Darian Hall (CA)

2015 filly, Balmullo's Irish Moss (Foothills Field Marshall x Hillside Emily) - Bred and owned by Donna Duckworth)

Balmullo's Summer Solstice (a.k.a. "Junie")
purebred Connemara filly, born July 2012
Foothills Field Marshall x Hillside Emily
Bred by Donna Duckworth (VA); owned by Marit Danielson (VT)

This is Junie -- she is now a year old! Has been angelic of late, no escapes, accidents or other misadventures. She is by Foothill's Field Marshall out of Hillside Emily. Her real name is Balmullo's Summer Solstice.

Foothill’s Field Marshall (*Gunsmoke X Foothill’s Maybee [by Balmullo’s Beacon]) had his first foal, a filly, on June 19. The black turning grey filly, out of Hillside Emily (Aladdin X Tre Awain Balefire [by Gilknocky Ard Righ MacDaire]) has been named Balmullo’s Summer Solstice but is called Junie in honor of the Juneteenth commemoration day on which she was born. Early indications are that she is well equipped to follow in her father’s footsteps in the dressage ring.