Connemara Trail Ride at the Chickamauge Battlefield, GA: March 11, 2007


This was a 1 day trail ride with some of the participants from the 3/10/07 Mark Russel clinic at FFC. Riders included (pictured left to right): Rebecca Bush on Corner Oak Gwenevere, Rachel Blalock on Foothills Hopefilly, Vanessa Morgan on Beacon's Pushbutton, Ann Bush on Corner Oak Lydia, Megan Harris-Buchanan on Wildwych Cricket and (not-pictured), the photographer Lee Harris on No Regrets.


We had a little rough start. I (Vanessa) had a low tire on my trailer, but Lee remedied that for me. Once we got on the road and near the trail head, I lead the convoy on a couple turn-arounds because I wasn't sure where the turn-off was. Thanks to Carole Moss, who coached me by phone, we made it to the parking area. Once unloaded and tacked up, off we went following the red trail - the long loop around the park. However, we seemed to loose our bearings a couple times and ended up making a small loop at some point, back on the red trail where we had already been! We had already been on the trail a few hours and some were getting tired/sore, so we headed back to the parking area by road. I must say that for several youngsters plus and eventing TB, we had a very sensible and good groups of ponies.


The ride totaled about 4 to 4 1/2 hours and the weather was splendid, as was the company!:-)








Left: Rachel on Hope (Connemara mare)


Below L: Lee on Gretta (TB mare)

Below: Ann on Lydia (Connemara-cross mare)

Below: Megan on Cricket (Connemara mare)

Below: Rebecca on Gwen (Connemara-cross mare)

Below: Vanessa on Pushbutton (Connemara-cross gelding)



We had a great time hosting the Mark Russell clinic and Region 4 spring meeting and trail ride. (3/07)

You can read all about the clinic, meeting and trail ride on the ACPS Region 4 News page, and see more trail ride photos here.
I will be posting additional photos from the clinic here, as I received them from participants:



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