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My Equine Experience


I am a life member of the American Connemara Pony Society and have been an active participant since 1989. I regularly attend the annual Board of Governors and General Membership meetings. I was the site coordinator and host for the first U.S. Connemara pony inspections in 1995 in East Bend, North Carolina, and hosted the 1999 inspections in Athens, TN.  I have participated regularly in ACPS Regional activities and am currently on the Regional Committee. I traveled to Ireland with the ACPS for the inspectors’ and educators’ training tour of the CPBS inspections in 1995. I have been Chairman of the Awards Committee and the Strategic Planning Committee and have served as Vice-President for the ACPS.  I have served on the Board of Governors for over a decade.

I am experienced in business and have participated on numerous projects, teams and committees. I have a B.S. in Agriculture with emphasis in Animal Science. I belong to several equestrian organizations locally, regionally and nationally. I have been breeding Connemaras since 1988, have managed 6 breeding stallions, have bred outside mares (as well as my own) by both AI/TS and live cover. We have been blessed with the birth of almost 40 Connemaras on our farm. I particularly enjoy handling and training foals (birth - 2 y.o.) and have trained and competed in combined training. I also enjoy trails rides and local dressage and CT shows. Most importantly, I have successfully matched up many ponies with loving and appreciative owners.

I am well educated and experienced both in business, technology and equine affairs. I am in contact with a cross section of numerous and varied ACPS members (and potential members) with whom I discuss the ponies, the people, the policies and the organization. On the Board, I voice the opinions and input I have received from other owners, breeders and members who I have discussions with and I make decisions as necessary, based on those conversations, my experience, knowledge and judgment. On the board, I work to ensure that decisions are based on good information and clear objectives rather than trends, emotions or politics.

I absolutely love Connemara ponies! I enjoy working with the society and with individual members to successfully buy, breed, promote and enjoy this wonderful breed.

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