2000 ARCHIVED news & activities

Kathy Ronk of McDonaugh, Ga, has purchased the beautiful 2 yr old dun filly, Beacon’s Piper (Balmullo's Beacon x Pegeen's Quest), from Mrs. Williams, Cedar Mtn., NC. Kathy plans on taking her time with Piper in training her for a future in dressage and eventing.

Congratulations, Kathy, and welcome to the wonderful world of Connemaras! (10/00)

photo (12/00)

I was at the barn the other day when my friend Debbie was riding Cassie, but by the time I thought about my camera Debbie had untacked Cassie, so she jumped back on her bareback and trotted around once and I took this photo. I will try to get some better ones. Cassie is doing wonderful. Debbie is training her for me, I am just riding her around for fun. Debbie has a lot of dressage training and she is amazed at how Cassie learns. I watched her doing leg yields with her today, and Cassie just does them without a problem. Still just walking and trotting her, but have added trail rides and she loves them. She has the longest walk, it's amazing. Debbie wants to take her to a dressage show in the Spring. I will go along as the groom for now! Hope all is well with all the ponies, and that you both have a wonderful Christmas. Jan Westmark (12/00)

The cross-country track has been outlined for the new FFC 2-phase event, which will premier in the spring of 2001. The 2-phase will offer dressage and cross-country at the "Wee-Clover" and "Pre-Novice" levels. The event is being planned and organized by Val Courtoy of Madisonville, TN.

The event schedule has been changed to March 2001 (due to too much work at FFC to get it all done in time for December:-)


At the Cross-Ties Farm Horse Trials, TN (11/00)

(left) Rachel Blalock on Foothills River Queen - waiting on their stadium round







(right) Katie Benton and Fiddler's Gremlin MacDaire - waiting to ride their dressage test




It is with great sadness that we report the passing of our ol' fellow, "Buck" (11/00)

We are delighted to announce that we have purchased "Rippleshaveruffles" from Vic Angle. Ruffles produced a fantastic foal for us this year, Piedmont Ripple, and we are looking forward to more top quality Connemara crosses out of her in the years ahead. Vic, Thank you SO MUCH! We realize it was difficult to part with her; take heart in knowing she is much loved & appreciated at FFC!



This year Region IV is announcing another stallion raffle featuring Balius Turlough (f 1998) owned by Mike and Ann Bush of Corner Oak Connemaras in Prospect, Tennessee. One breeding to Turlough is being offered for the 2001 or 2002 breeding season. Balius Turlough is by the stallion Gilnocky Drumcliffe (Foxridge Starlight x Whitewood Irish Eve) out of the mare *Tyan Traveller's Joy (Whitwell Senator x Chiltern Replica). He is bay and is expected to mature at 14.0-14.1 hands. Corner Oak Connemaras offers live cover and is planning to train him for AI and offer transported semen by 2001. Presently, Corner Oak Connemaras is not guaranteeing AI/TS. Mares must have current vaccinations, a negative coggins and a clean culture. Mare care is $3.00 per day. A single breeding for the 2001 season is valued at $500.

Proceeds will go to support the 2001 Annual Region IV Show. Raffle tickets will be sold for $10.00 a piece. The winner will be drawn in March 2001 and will be announced at the Annual Region IV ACPS meeting. If you would like to purchase a ticket or need additional information, please call Jennifer Scarpino at (321) 269-0227, email her at jennifer.scarpino@mail.sprint.com or visit the stallion raffle website at http://www.connemaras.com/turlough.html

Piedmont Indian has moved to a new home. He now lives with his half-sister in Davie, FL.

"Hi Vanessa, Our friends did buy Indy today, and I am very happy about it. Their little girl is 9 years old and she rides him wonderfully, and they are a great family. Plus, he will be at my barn, so I will be taking care of him! It's a small world now that Cassie has her brother there! (Although I can tell you Indy thinks Cassie is kinda cute, I guess he doesn't know who she really is!) So now I can keep you posted on both of them! Talk to you later, Jan" 7/7/00

Foothills Farms is happy to report the birth of 2 Conn-TB colts by Balmullo's Beacon! A bay colt (will turn gray) was born on 6/7/00 out of Rippleshaveruffles. A dun colt (pictured at 2 days old) was born on 6/22/00 out of Kitties & Cash :-)))







The 2000 Region 4 Trail Ride was a fun and relaxing outing for 6 horse & rider pairs on Saturday, 8/5; four riders stayed overnight in a really cute, fully furnished cabin, got up to a wonderful pancake and bacon breakfast, and headed out on another ride on Sunday, before heading back home. Those who participated in this year's ride were Katie Benton on Fiddler's Gremlin MacDaire, Emily Benton on Flash (QH), Rachel Blalock on Foothills River Queen, Elizabeth Hardison on Sparrow, Vanessa Morgan on Pleasure (TB) and Carole Moss on Sarah (Belgian cross). The weather was wonderful and the company couldn't be beat! Although the ride will not be officially organized as a "regional" activity next year, I'm sure this group will be planning another outing in the beautiful Tennessee country-side and mountains:-)

I often speak of how proud I am of our stallion, Balmullo's Beacon, as an outstanding sire and athlete, yet today I have a new appreciation. I have not ridden competitively for about 5-6 years and it has probably been closer to 7 or so years since I did a recognized event. This weekend (4/15-16), I went to the Pine Top Horse Trials in Thomson, GA, to ride my stallion in our first horse trials together. To say that I was nervous is definitely an understatement and before both jumping phases, my heart and stomach were in my throat. Yet, I knew I was mounted on an extremely well trained, willing and kind horse, so that gave me the confidence I needed in my head to help me stay focused. Not only did Bubba trill me with a fabulous dressage test (31.0), but he took me around clean and fast in stadium and cross country. What a thrill it was to ride this guy!!! I am just so grateful to him for taking me safely and successfully through all 3 phases to take home the blue ribbon! As a wife, mother, and full-time career woman, I absolutely cannot imagine doing this on anything other than a Connemara, particularly, Balmullo's Beacon. I love this pony!!!!


FFC is proud to announce that we sold the winning raffle ticket to Carolyn Peppe in Washington State. Congratulations, Carolyn, on your free breeding to Hideaway's Hustler; and thanks for supporting our region!

Stay tuned for information on the next stallion raffle offerred by Region 4 for the 2001 breeding season.

The cross-country track has been outlined for the new FFC 2-phase event, which will premier in the spring of 2001. The 2-phase will offer dressage and cross-country at the "Wee-Clover" and "Pre-Novice" levels. The event is being planned and organized by Val Courtoy of Madisonville, TN.

The event schedule has been changed to March 2001 (due to too much work at FFC to get it all done in time for December:-)

Jane Williams proudly announces the birth of a colt out of her mare, Big Bear's Macushula, by Balmullo's Beacon, born Friday morning, 5/26!!

Peg of My Heart, the halfbred Connemara filly by Balmullo's Beacon out of the TB mare, Icy Wind, has been sold to Lana Wright as a driving prospect!

Congratulations to Megan Brodbine, Nashville, TN, on her purchase of Foothills Ashford!!

Congratulations to Val Courtoy, Madisonville, TN, on her new halfbred dun Connemara colt, Waterford's O'Neill!!! Neil is out of her wonderful, small, black, grade pony mare, Beauty. The colt's sire is Foothills Waterford (C.R. Roaringwater Bay X Blue Hills Erin).

New feature on the FFC Website: "THE NEXT GENERATION", features horses and ponies who are BY or OUT OF of "Foothills" and "Piedmont" Connemaras.

Though the attendance was slight (about 8), the Region 4 meeting was a fun, successful & productive event. Lots of topics were discussed & decisions made.

Rai Pullin, R4 Secretary, will be issuing minutes of the meeting. Read the next issue of the Region 4 newsletter for details.

Many thanks to Anita Barfield on behalf of the Region for her hospitality and hosting this meeting !!:o)


The ACPS Region 4 Show date is set for July 1 & 2, 2000, in Nashville, TN; Contact Sally Eyles-Goldfarb at sally.eyles.goldfarb@vanderbilt.edu or call 615-791-8617 for more information or questions about the show - or to volunteer to help!!  

The new date for the Region 4 Trail Ride is August 5 & 6, 2000; Contact Carole Moss at markncarole@earthlink.net or call 423-698-1217 for more information.

Ms. Nebel (NC), thoughtfully sent us these photos of her gelding, DUNDEE, by Foothills Waterman.

Thanks for the photos! Sincerely, FFC

Congratulations to Ms. Westmark, Davie, FL on her purchase of Balmullo's Cassiopia, 2 yr old dun filly by Balmullo's Beacon, out of Blue Hills Morning Star

The ACPS Region 4 "Lizzy Connemara" Trail Ride has been rescheduled for August 5 & 6, 2000 in Allardt, TN!! For more information, contact Carole Moss, at 423-698-1217 or email her at markncarole@earthlink.net



Beury and Andy Stout proudly announce the arrival of a big 3/4 Connemara dun colt, PF Dunford O'Reilly, out of their halfbred mare, Piedmont Penelope. Penny is by Balmullo's Beacon. The colt's sire is Foothills Waterford (C.R. Roaringwater Bay X Blue Hills Erin).

The colt is pictured here on his birthday!  Beury writes, " I think he has Bubba's incredible bone and he is very, very correct. I couldn't believe how straight his legs were 2 hours after birth! "

Congratulations to Pat Norton-White on her purchase of Foothills Freedom!!

3/24/00 "Hi Vanessa and Charlie, Freedom arrived today at 4:30! I am absolutely delighted with her - she's beautiful and sweet! I was very impressed with how well she unloaded and settled in. The driver of the truck thought she was super too - he couldn't say enough about her willingness. She settled in very quickly. She and our 20 yr. old Appendix mare are both in the barn munching away. As you know, I was nervous about buying anything over the internet, but your professionalism truly made this a wonderful experience. Thank you so much. " Owner, Ms. Norton-White

Foothills Magnolia learned to drive, in only 3 days! (March 2000)



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