Gallery 2011-2014

Shorty, Lisa and Lottie - FFC, December 2013

Vanessa, Bill and Kate Denton at the 2013 Colonial Cup Steeplechase, Camden, SC

Carla Jimmerson and Carlon arrived at the 2013 AEC's at Texas Rose

Bri with Queen and Vanessa with Keavey - 2013 ACPS Region IV Show (Broodmare Class)

(Purebred Mare Class)

Elaine and
Bea (2013)

Heading to the barn with Sky and Lottie (2013)

Amanda on Indian - McMinn Co HS Mascott (2013)

Bill Denton with Farkleberry Finn (2013)

Kate Denton with Tullymor's Partly Cloudy (2013)

HoBo in Ocala (June 2013)

Carole with Lucas and CoStar (2013) at Black Prong

(2013) at Black Prong

Battlefield Ride - December 2012
Carole on Buddy

Amanda on Caroline

Avery on Beacon (2012)

Cassy and
Belle (2012)

Bri on
CoStar at Bri's first horse show (Nov. 2012)

Bri on
CoStar (2012)

Lewis Ninjas (L-R): Helen, Avery and Jeff (Oct 2012)

Anna Stein on Zaboomafoo (2012)

Luke McLaughlin (rider) on
Foothills Field Marshall, with Vanessa Morgan (breeder) and Donna Duckworth (owner) at the 2012 USDF Championships.

Luke McLaughlin on
Foothills Field Marshall, with sister, Rebecca, and min-pin, Tulip at the USDF Championships 10/5/12

Kathee Cook and Foothills Caroline at the 2012 ACPS RIV Show in Aiken, SC

Brionna with Belle at the 2012 ACPS RIV Show in Aiken, SC

Anna Stein on Zaboomafoo (July 2012)

Jeff and Avery Lewis on Beay and Beacon, respectively (summer 2012)

Elaine Meilahn with Foothills MayBee (July 2012)

Ann Moe with Foothills MayBee (July 2012)

above: Foothills MayBea

Anna and Boomer

Cassie and

L-R: In the studio - Megan, Vanessa and Sally

June 2012: Megan Harris, Vanessa Morgan, and Sally Eyles-Goldfarb all travelled to Nashville this past week to appear on RFD-TV for an hour-long show on Connemaras. For those who missed it on TV, you can watch it here. It is a wonderful show!!

Lisa on Ruby (June 2012)

Carla on Carlin (2012)

Vanessa , Beacon and Avery (May 2012)

Catfish and Amanda (March 2012)

Mops on Parade - Christmas 2011 Carole driving Blue and Spark Plug

Avery Lewis on Balmullo's Beacon

Rachel Blalock, Carole Moss and I recently returned from the National Drive, at the KY Horse Park (October 5 - 9, 2011). It was another splendid weekend.


Rachel Blalock driving Cathreim Solas (2011 National Drive)

Rachel Blalock, Carole Moss and I recently returned from the National Drive, at the KY Horse Park (October 5 - 9, 2011). It was another splendid weekend.

I drove my mare, Corner Oak Celtic Star (below left), and she learned a lot, too. There is so much to see and do at the National Drive. It is the BEST place to go with a horse that needs to get out to see and try new things in harness.

Carole brought the famous mini Cooper and was joined by family members vacationing in that beautiful setting of Lexington.

Vanessa Morgan posing with Whip, Marion Caldwell and Foothills Juniper at the 2011 KY Classic CDE

Elaine Meilhan on Foothills MayBee (Sept 2011)

Avery Lewis on Balmullo's Beacon (Sept 2011)

Me and Carole Moss at the 2011 Indiana CDE

Marion Caldwell driving Juniper at the 2011 Carriage Association of America Classic (Lexington, KY)

Kim Gates on Dreamcatchers Fyrestorme (July 2011)

Vanessa driving "The Mops" under Carole's guidance (July 2011)

Avery Lewis with Balmullo's Beacon and her awards from the 2011 Region IV Connemara Show

Fun times with sisters at the Gayla CDE in Georgetown,KY, May 2011

Connemara Pony Siblings at the Gayla Bluegrass Combined Driving Event Two purebred Connemara sisters and four ACPS Region IV members competed in the Training Single Pony division at the Gayla Bluegrass CDE on May 21-22 in Lexington, KY. Marion Caldwell drove Foothills Juniper (Balmullo’s Beacon x Blue Hills Morning Star), with daughter Laura as navigator, in their first CDE. Vanessa Morgan drove Foothills Hopefilly (Concord River Roaringwater Bay x Blue Hills Morning Star) with ‘gator Carole Moss, their second CDE. Through Dressage, cones and a grueling marathon, both ponies and Whips performed with excellence! Marion and Juniper brought home 2nd place, with Vanesssa and Hope placing 4th. The two ponies were the topic of much conversation in the Marathon vet box, at the same time! Congratulations ladies! ACPS Region IV Newsletter

Lisa Welsh on Queen at Honey Creek in The Big South Fork NRRA (2011)

Elaine Meilhan and Foothills MayBee - 2011

Kate Denton and Keavey - 2011

Region 4 Trail Ride, hosted by Stephanie Fenton-Hickey. Read about it HERE

L-R: Rachel Blalock and Hilites, Vanessa Morgan on CoStar, and Carole Moss on Buddy

Rachel Blalock on Hilites and Vanessa Morgan on CoStar (2011)

Carole Moss on Buddy - 2011

Kim Leitch on Piedmont Harmony - a.k.a. Grits

Avery Lewis and Balmullo's Beacon (Jan 11)

Jennifer Hood and Remy (a.k.a. Dreamy)

Rob Caldwell with Arbor Lane's Quincey and Marion Caldwell with Foothills Juniper in Aiken, SC (Jan 2011)







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