Chickamauga Battlefield (GA) ride - December 22, 2020

Sky on Keavey (below left) and Vanessa (me) on Desi (below right)

A 1-day ride (about 10 miles): This was Sky's 1st time at the Battlefield for both ponies. It was a perfect last day of autumn!
It was a gift, as said by one of the many hikers, joggers and dog walkers we saw along the way.

The visitor's center is slightly less than half-way. To finish the trail, one either needs to turn around and back-track (which I am not a fan of doinmg), or cross under the road via a creek crossing through a tunnel. As you can see, we made it!

This monument is close to half-way and offers a great photo opportunity, as well as a good place to dismount and give the ponies a break.

The ponies rested patiently tied to a tree, while we grabbed a snack and water from our packs:

The trails are very well maintained, however we did have some bogs and streams to cross. The ponies watched out for rocks and roots along the path.

A perfect end to a perfect December day!