Connemara Trail Ride at East Fork, Jamestown, TN: April 8 & 9, 2006

  Parker and I were the first to arrive on Friday afternoon. We brough Lady, Gremlin and Gus. After we got them all settled in their stalls, we checked out the lodging accomodations at the Gernt House. Carole and Donnette were the next to arrive with Sheamus and Black, followed shortly thereafter by Ann and her filly. Carla and Jeri arrived next with Beau and Kerin. We got all the horses settled in time to leave for dinner before the first strong evening storm. With the poor-to-lacking cell phone reception in the area, it was a challenge to call for the status of the other riders. We learned from Charlie that Michelle was on her way and on this side of Nashville, so we relaxed and enjoyed our dinner but we did have to scoot on back to the stables to meet the farrier who was coming replace one of Gus's thrown shoes. Michelle and Peach finally arrived and the whole crew left for the Gernt House, while Parker and I tended to Gus. Later, we joined the others at the House to visit. Once everyone else had turned in for the night, Parker and I went back to East Fork and slept in the trailer at the campground beside the barn.
The next morning brought cloudy skies and the threat of rain, but in our optimism, we proceeded with plans to ride out around noon, giving the sun plenty time to break through. Back at the house, Parker made eggs for breakfast for me and Michelle. After a nice meal, we returned to the stables and tacked up. I'm not sure what time we left for the ride, but all the horses were fresh and ready to go. I was on Gus, his very first group ride and he was ready to go. Ann was riding Gus's herdmate, Gremlin, so to keep from pulling on Gus, I asked her to pony us for a while. About a mile down the trail, I asked Michelle if she would like to swap mounts and we did. I rode Peach and she rode Gus to our first break, where we swapped back. By this time, the horses had settled into their comfortable placed in the line. With Parker as our trail guide (thanks, Parker!), everyone had a really great day, riding though fields and wooded trails, up and down mountains, across creeks and a beautiful mountain stream.

L: Carole on Sheamus / R: Jeri & Kierin

Day 1:

above L to R: Vanessa and Jeri

below: Vanessa and Gus

Left: Ann on Gremlin


Below: Parker on Lady, Michelle on Peach, Carole on Sheamus and Jeri on Kierin

That evening, we all went back to the Gernt house and shared a wonderful Mexican meal together.
Here is Parker "helping" Michelle give Marty a bath after Parker "lured" him into rolling in fox lure!

Michelle brought the ice cream for rootbeer floats; Parker relaxes with some Gernt House history.

On day 2, some of the riders needed to leave earlier, so we split into 2 groups. Jeri, Carl and Ann stayed behind as the rest of us rode out. Ann worked her filly in the arena while Carla rode Gus (because Beau had a loose shoe) and Jeri rode Kerin in the ring a while.

above: Ann and her filly

below: Carla on Gus and Jeri on Kierin

Carla and Jeri went back on the trails, covering some familiar territory, before packing up and heading home.


Meanwhile, the remaining 5 (Parker on Lady, Michelle on Peach, Carole on Sheamus, Donnette on Black and me on Gremlin) explored some new trails.

We had a great pair of Guides (above L-R: Michelle and Parker), and we braved a slightly more difficlut trail which lead us to Apple Knob. This was our one break for the day, and we sure did enjoy it, as we were all a bit stiff from the day before and the scenery was beautiful.

More of day 2...

Peach - above: Michelle, below


Be sure to look both ways before heading out on the trail!

Parker and I swapped horses; here he is on Gremlin.


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