2018 National Drive - Hoosier Horse Park, Indiana

Providence Carson began his single driving adventures at the 2018 National Drive in Indiana, with the help of my dearest friend Carole Moss, and trainers, Amy Neary and Joanna Wilburn.

Carson learned a lot, and so did I! There is so much to see and do at the National Drive. I love when the ND is at Indiana. It is such a great place to go with a horse that needs to get out to see and try new things in harness.

I started the week by leading Carson around the grounds, by himself, to see all the new sights and hear the new sounds and learn to be brave, on his own.

The next day, Amy Neary met me in the enclosed arena to hitch Carson to the 2-wheel Bellcrown, for the first time, and complete the required National Drive safety check (thank you, Lyle, for meeting me in the arena!!). Then Amy gave me Carson's first lesson driving as a single. I was so happy and Amy was full of tips for better driving now and preparing for the future.

On one of the afternoons, Amy hosted a fun practice obstacle demonstration, with lots of clever ideas of things to use and do to teach your horse trust and patience in the face of strange and scary objects.

The following day, Joanna Wilburn joined me in the cart to head for the cones field. She reminded me to trust my horse and let him know that he could trust me, as we ventured out in the wide open field. Joanna helped me see that I could actually steer Carson without staring at his head!! LOL Another great lesson!

Joanna could be found everywhere at the ND, including cooking up some...witches brew?!

She also did a talk "So you want to be a Navigator" with Stacy Giere. Note the clever "red on right, white on left" marathon shirts, provided by Stacy!

The climax of my week was the day I asked Amy to help me get Carson in the water hazard and I ended up with, not only a confident drive in the water, but also went through a few dry land obstacles.

What a fun, fun lesson!

We didn't drive in the Mimosa drive this year because Carole, being the Hospitality Chair on the ND Board, was a server, so I, as usual, was a drink pourer, which suits me well.

Of course I brought my Little Yellow Box (i.e. Pulse Centers EQ-X) and accessories and a few horse and people got to enjoy the benefits of PULSE ON! PEMF

Carson learned to be a traveling man, without his lifelong buddy and brother, Bates. Carson wasn't completely alone though. Carole brought one of her pair of Welsh small ponies. This time it was Maxwell's turn to experience the National Drive. Carole used Max to compete her Level 1 Carriage Driving proficiency exam with the CCA. You can't see Max in the front stall because he is so short!

What a wonderful week AGAIN in Indiana. Much thanks to the entire National Drive Board, all the clinicians and participants. I lookl forward to this every fall! Maybe next year I will take Carson's brother and pair buddy, Bates, so he can learn to drive single!

I was super pleased with Carson and am looking forward to finding time to drive him single at home and with hopes of someday taking him to a CT, or even a CDE:-)

Above photo is courtesy of the National Drive facebook page.